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You can own with unlimited use, highly targeted opt-in Consumer and Business email data at by far the lowest cost in the industry----- and get 100% bounce-back coverage.

Our award-winning data query system enables you to have a non-expiring "bank of data record credits" to query and download full data records from any of our many databases. Our query system enables you to simultaneously require your data to include dozens of social, economic, and demographic criteria for highly targeted campaigns.

Other companies force you to download your entire purchase upfront which is very bad because:

  1. You DO NOT get the chance to sample different demographics to see what gets the best response!
  2. If you buy lots of data and do not get to email it right away the data ends up going bad sitting there on your computer, never having been emailed! Having a Data Bank of Credits enables you to sample different demographics and not download data and debit your credits until you are ready to use the data!
  3. Without a data bank of credits system it does not allow you to make larger purchases to obtain a lower cost per data record because the data goes bad before you use it!

If we do not have a specialty data that you need let us know because as the leader in the industry we will be able to reach out and obtain that data via trade or at a cost that is much lower than what other suppliers will charge you.


Emailing with Exceptional Deliverability Under $20 per Million!

You have the option of very easily controlling your own campaign for under $20 per million or pay someone $395 per million to do the emailing for you.

Our Software Solution

Recognizing that even opt-in email could only be delivered if the emailing stayed well below the threshold limits of the recipient ISP's filters, Our (DBE) was developed.

Our software is installed either on your own PC or a rented server and bypasses your own ISP and this user friendly software gets delivery because it allows a business to simultaneously rotate multiple remote email service accounts.

You simply plug into the emailer the user and password from as many accounts that you want to add to the emailer.

Here is a resource list of over 4,600 companies' accounts to choose from which average just $2 per month in which you can do 200 emails per hour per account. So just 20 accounts at $2 a month does 4,000 emails an hour! That's almost 3 million emails a month for $40.

Since all remote email server accounts have their own block of IP address that are all coming from different C-Blocks of IP addresses, so getting through email filters is easier as the IP's are not contiguous within any one C-Block.

If you go out and use an email service which emails from dedicated servers this means you are using a service that just cannot provide you with dozens of IP's from different C-Blocks of IP address. In fact when you use these dedicated server companies your email depends upon all the other campaigns using those same IP blocks.

See: Constant Contact used by Spammers blacklisted by many spam reporting bureaus: Contact-used-by-spammers-blacklisted-by-many__633851892171085140_blog.htm

DBE software stays below filter threshold limits while personalizing each email as it ingeniously pulls information from the database into the subject line and the body of the email! Additionally Our rotates and tracks unlimited "Presentation(s)", "From Names", "From Email Addresses", and "Subject Lines", as no email presentations are ever the same.

Our software also automates opt-outs and handles bounces so they are not emailed again. To help clean the data each email software automatically reports all bounced data back into our main frame servers so tens of millions of email records are being cleaned per day and automatically are removed from the award winning query system. No other data supplier can clean anywhere near the data that we clean with this incredible decentralized cleaning system.

There lots of other features that are covered on the webinar which make Our software the absolute best email software on the market. The best thing about Our software is that it is so user friendly and any computer novice can use it. You have the option of controlling your own campaign or having someone do the emailing for you.

Getting Started

Once you have created a Data Account you can own unlimited use, full record opt-in email data.

You log into your account and fund the account on the purchase page with ---non-expiring--- data record credits. These credits can be used immediately or be saved for future projects.

Option to Buy Our Email Software: Our email software enables you to email for about $1 per 100,000 emails sent. The emails are sent through 3rd party servers.

To follow are resource lists of many thousands of very low cost web hosting companies in which you use their SMTP/POP email accounts to email through: and

We can give you documentation to use the email software or you can be trained one-on-one through remote desktop connection.

Scams and Secrets of Email Suppliers & Email Service Companies


Email Rental Caution: Stay away from the email vendor con artists that tell you that they only 'rent' data, i.e. you can't take possession of the data and they must send it! Your company should not take the chance of having its name in an email going out without your company having possession of the data that proves how that data was opted in. Additionally, you will never even know how many emails bounced. Many of these con artist emailer 'renters' would never give you the email because almost all of it will bounce! They will con you and tell you that their data was only opted into them. Ask these con artists to show you all their websites where they got many millions of people to optin to have them send sales presentations.

Many of them will not even email all that you purchased! Furthermore, unless you are a major corporation your email is going out at 3 am and therefore doesn't get as much attention as it gets clumped with all the other email to be reviewed in the morning. You also need to own it so you can email it as much as you want and whenever you want.

Forms of Payment Caution: Most of our so called 'competition" only takes "non-chargeback" forms of payment (bank wires & cleared checks). Why? --because they know that they are going to beat you silly!!! These con artists can't take credit cards or PayPal because their merchant account service providers have already shut them down due to excessive charge backs resulting from their customers not getting what the email vendor proposed. So, if they won't let you pay by credit card---RUN!

False Hits Scam: These "Renters" will tell you that they will give you tracking of how many people clicked on a link in your email that took the visitor to your website. What we have discovered is they are using software that automates hits on your website during the sending of emails. This scam also substantially costs your website search engine rankings. When search engines like Google see tens of thousands of quick hits on your website coming from hijacked proxy servers, Google will destroy any hopes that you will ever get a better ranking on Google, or any other search engine. So if they are willing to give you a report of their success---RUN!

Specialty Data Caution: When you are buying data you also need to be very careful, especially if you are buying a specialty list, for example 'golfers.' The email suppliers will tell you that they have a 'golfer' consumer file but give you data in which you would never know whether the data records are actually 'golfers.' The only way that you can be assured that the data record was actually a 'golfer' is to confirm with the email supplier that the data that you will receive will include the opt-in website in which the data record opted-in and it will relate to 'golf.' If the email supplier just tells you that the data records are 'golfers' with zero actual proof, that email supplier is simply scamming you! Run! Don't fall for that bullshit!

Free Email Accounts: When you are buying data make sure you do not get all free email accounts (Yahoo, GMAIL, Hotmail, MSN, and AOL). Your data supplier should offer you the ability to choose domains that are not free email accounts. Their data query system should enable you to choose data that are not all free email accounts. If they do not have such a query system ----RUN!

Large vs. Small Data Supplier: When you deal with a small data supplier (under 200 million records) those companies only have that amount of data to sell so those records are getting pounded with offers and thus are not as responsive. The advantage a small supplier has is that they have the ability to prune their data easier of "bounces" by emailing that data. The large data suppliers (over 200 million records) have a great selection and their data is not hammered but you will find that the bounces are much higher as it is impossible to email 200 million even once a month to prune the bounces from a dedicated server. We are unique because even though we have been confirmed as the largest opt-in data supplier we get bounce reports from all of our clients automatically from the email software --so we have the best of both worlds-the largest database that is among the cleanest in the industry. If they tell you that they have lots of data and it's all clean----RUN!

You Choose the Dates of Opt-In: When buying data your data supplier should allow you to choose how old you want the data records. There are pro's and con's regarding the date of when the record opted into the opt-in website. The best data is the older data as long as it is deliverable. Why? A) Because so many data buyers target new data, therefore those emails get hammered with solicitations and thus become less responsive. B) Old email address owners have typically given their email address out to many of their family and friends and therefore it is much harder to give up that email address so your data will remain live longer. A new email address may sign up for a promotion --get the promotion and then cancel that address. Getting a mix of both may be the best way to go as long as you receive bounce protection...But in any event you should be able to choose the opt-in dates of your data. If you are not allowed to do this RUN!

Email Bounce Protection: Whether the email registration date is old or new is irrelevant if you are given bounce protection. Obviously, emails come and go and bounces are to be expected; however if you are paying for 1 million emails you should get 1 million deliverable emails. Only deal with a data supplier that will cover 100% of any bounces. If they are not willing to give you upfront more than enough data to cover any bounces ----RUN!

Forced to Take All Data Up front: Only deal with an email supplier that has a "Data Account System" that will allow you to take possession of your data in as many increments as you want over as long a time period as you want. Do not deal with an email supplier that makes you choose and receive up front, all the data records that you buy. You should have the ability to either take all the data or to take only small parts of the data when you want. Why? When you start your email campaign there is no way that you are going to know the exact socio-economic and demographics that will be best for your product or service. Only deal with a data supplier if they allow you to take just some of the data and have no expiration date to pull the balance of your data purchase. If they do not have such a system-Run!

New Movers--Daily Feed--Highly Targeted

Freshest Data in USA!: We obtain Daily New Movers Feed of Full Deed Recordings from County Registrars Across USA.

Automate Search: Choose and save your targeted New Movers search by desired Zips, Home Price, mortgage, etc.

Automate Personalized Presentation: Create your Sales Letter Presentation on the "Automate Personal Letters" page and SAVE IT! In your letter, you can put images, and temporary Data Replacement Codes (DRC)---see all DRC options on "Automate Personal Letters" Page. Example: Hi #buyer_first_name#

Personalized Mail Merged Letters Emailed: Automatically you're emailed a Word Doc with your customized mail merged new movers' letters. Either we will prepare your letterhead, or you simply print letters onto your letterhead.

Mailing Options: (a) SELF-MAILER: Print on 70lb paper and mail as a self-mailer-no envelope! Fast & Inexpensive. (b) ENVELOPE-Enables 5 pieces of paper for 1st class postage. (c) upload Word Doc to 3rd party mailing service.

Mailing Secrets: (a) Handwrite the new movers name and address in blue ink instead of peel and stick labels. Your handwritten letter coming from local post office with real stamp-instead of some out of state post office using bulk rate presort postal indicia-cuts through junk mail clutter!

Your Cost Includes a Full Featured Website with Many Free Valuable Benefits:

  • The website we provide is used to promote your discounted cash certificate offers to New Movers. To access your offers, the new movers need credits. Buying credits raises funds for local organizations. Your purchase of New Mover data includes 20 free credits per new mover incentive; which normally costs each new mover $10 retail value.
  • To obtain the $10 value for free, each new mover agrees to join your email list!
  • We then email your offers at no cost, as often as you like!
  • We also compensate the Municipality, Schools and Local Orgs to promote your offers.
  • Restaurants Free website also includes these free benefits: Online ordering, menu creator, dining reservations and more.

Ringless Voicemail Message Drops:

  • Use the Phone Number Column from your Targeted Data Search to automate leaving your message in the cell phone voicemail box of new movers without the phone ringing.
  • Unique service is much less intrusive than phone calls and costs pennies.

$10.00 Free! Go to each businesses New Mover menu tab!

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